Il Capriccio's cuisine is the talk of the town! Read what our critics had to say about us.

New Jersey Monthly Magazine
February 1995
By: J. M. Lang and Kitty Marciniak-Frazer
(3 1/2 Stars)

The line of stone fruit-bearing Roman damsels out front and the marble-floored entranceway appointed with Florentine gilt-rimmed tables and mirrors inside are early indications that Il Capriccio is not just selling Italian cuisine -- it's selling an Italian cultural experience.

In the center of the romantic dining room is a display of gargantuan bottles of Italian wine surrounding a ceiling-high urn of flowers. I would think the person who built this posh temple longed for a mention in an Italian interior-decorating magazine rather than acclaim in the culinary world. Happily, though, at Il Capriccio the same attention given to matters of interior design is applied to the realms of service and food, under the direction of chef-owner Tony Grande.